One of my favorite parts about traveling is the food. I feel like there is no better way to immerse yourself in a different culture than to eat the local cuisine and in my opinion, Lisbon is one of the best places to go for a foodie.

I met my friend Madie on Facebook before arriving in Madrid last September. I told her about all my favorite places and where she should visit and Lisbon was one of those places. We are both planners, and do a lot of research before trips so we had plenty to do, see and especially eat during our time in Lisbon

The pastries

I fell in love with pasteis da nata during my first trip to Lisbon six years ago. Pasteis da Nata is an egg tart pastry that will change your life. We ended up checking out a couple different places because going to one just wasn’t enough.

The first place we tried was Cream Factory, or Fábrica da Nata in Portuguese. If you’re lucky enough, you can watch them being made right when you walk in.

The second place we tried was at Time Out Market. Located near the water, you could easily spend hours at this place.

The final and best place was Pâtisserie Aloma. It’s worth it to take the bus for these pastries. And while you’re here, you can check out Field Market Ourique and take the tram28 back to the city center.

Tip: Sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Just a little bit is all you need and it makes the pasteis da nata taste even better!

The food

I ate REALLY well this trip. Lucky for me, a lot of the food was split between two people so we could try as many different dishes as our stomachs would allow.

Our first night in Lisbon, we headed to Restaurante Gambrinus. Unless you have deep pockets, stay away from the dinning room and eat at the bar. We ordered the classic prego sandwhich. A steak sandwhich unlike anything else I’ve had before. They also brew their own beer. Go for lunch, dinner or late night.

Café da Garagem is located inside a theater that overlooks the city. Go for the views but stay for the port wine and chocolate cake, you won’t be disappointed. They also deliver your check in an unusual way, in a shoe!

Our second night there we stoped at a little wine and cheese place called Carinho do Vino. We ordered some port wine and snacks and enjoyed chatting with the locals.

Hands down the best dish I ate came from Mercado de Campo de Ourique. The market was recommended to us by a local so we figured it had to be good. We shared bife a portuguesa, a steak and egg dish. Next time, I won’t be sharing.

Montana Lisboa is located right on the water. It’s a bit of a walk but if you’re looking for something that is less touristy this is the place to go. The staff was friendly and the food was excellent. Doritos with guacamole? Don’t hate it until you’ve tried it.

If you’ve made your way to Montana Lisboa, then you have to check out Time Out Market, located just across the train tracks. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the options once inside. They have cafeteria type tables to sit and enjoy the local food and drink. We started off with some vinho verde, followed by some more wine before making any food decisions.


A Ginjinha is a small hole in the wall that serves sweet sour-cherry liquor. Walk in, order and slowly sip on your drink among the locals and tourists.

Cerveteca Lisboa serves local beer. This place is small but the staff is friendly. Another great place to go if you’re wanting to get away from the touristy scene.

PARK Bar is located on top of a parking garage with amazing views of the city. The place is a hot spot and finding a table can be challenging but it’s worth it for the views.

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