Not too long ago, I came across my journal from my first trip to Scotland where I described Edinburgh as the most beautiful city I had ever seen. With its cobblestone streets, stunning views and delicious food, it’s hard not to find this city beautiful.

This past summer marked my third visit to Edinburgh. It’s always exciting for me to re-visit places after so much time has passed. I like to see what has changed, or in some cases, what hasn’t changed. My goal whenever I’m re-exploring a city, is to do at least one new thing. Whether that be a museum, a restaurant or a new part of the city it doesn’t matter.

Edinburgh, in my opinion offers some of the best views. The only downside? You have to walk up hills and stairs to get to those views. It’s totally worth it though and there’s really no way around it if you want to see it all.

Holyrood Palace was both exciting and overwhelming. This was my ‘new’ thing to do in Edinburgh. Tourist season was in full swing here in July and everyone wanted to see Holyrood Palace. The palace lies at the other end of the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle.

I’m a big fan of history, especially when it  comes to the British monarchy. Any fans of the T.V. show Reign out there? Here you can see Mary Queen of Scots bedroom and audience chambers among many other rooms. The Queen still uses this palace to this day whenever she is in Edinburgh.

Just next to Holyrood Palace, are the remains of Holyrood Abbey. The abbey was founded by King David I in 1128 and was used as a parish church until the 17th century. Did you know that the word ‘rood’ is an old world for cross? That means that Holyrood translates to Holy Cross.

Edinburgh Castle is unlike any other castle I’ve been to and it’s a great place to explore at your own pace. The castle is situated atop extinct volcano and offers great views of the city, as well as an intense workout. Be sure to check out St. Margaret’s chapel, the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh. There is a ton of ground to cover, both inside and outside of the castle so be sure to take your time.

Our last full day, my mom and I climbed Arthur’s Seat. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do since my very first visit to Edinburgh but it never worked out. The climb to the top was a nice way to start our last day. Once we got to the top, we were amazed by the beautiful views and the strong wind that made taking a good selfie nearly impossible.

My mom and I stumbled upon Deacon’s House Cafe while walking down the Royal Mile. This place is tucked away in one of the many ‘close’ in Edinburgh and everything about this place was amazing, especially the scones. They have both indoor and outdoor seating but why would you sit inside when the outside looks as cute as it does?

Mimi’s Little Bakehouse-Old Town is another place to go for some good scones. The place is small so if there isn’t a table available, take away might be your best choice.

A friend of mine recommended MUMS Great Comfort Food for lunch. AMAZING. You’ll definetely work up an appetite with all the walking and hill. Be sure to get the Steak and Ale Pie.


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