Since we are already well into 2017, I guess it’s time I write about my time in Salzburg and ringing in the New Year. My mom and I were nearing our two week trip through Germany and Austria when we got to Salzburg, our second to last city. We took the train from Nuremberg, Germany and spent three nights in Salzburg. Since my mom had already visited Salzburg a few years ago, she knew what to do and see so I left everything in her hands.

It was very cold during our time in Salzburg. Not as cold as winters in Minnesota but still cold, especially when you spend most of the day outside sightseeing. Salzburg is a very beautiful city. With it’s cobblestone streets and small alleyways, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular city to visit. Even though it was the middle of winter and low season for traveling, the city was still alive.

One of the must sees in Salzburg is the birthplace and house of Wolfgang Mozart. The building itself sticks out in the streets of Salzburg, not because of all the tourists outside taking pictures but because it’s a bright yellow building among pastel colored buildings. What I found the most interesting was learning about Mozart’s family tree. Did you know that Mozart has no living decedents alive today? Only two of his six children lived and of those two children, they never had any children of their own.

Throughout the city you’ll find locations were the film The Sound of Music was filmed. We weren’t able to see them all but we did try and see as many as we could.

St. Peter’s Monastery & Cemetery Catacombs

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Residenzplatz & Residenzbrunnen

We, and everyone else in Salzburg went down to the bridge over the Salzach river to watch the fireworks that were being shot off in the old town. It was my first time ringing in the new year in a different country and I hope it’s not my last. We had a bottle of champagne at our hotel room to warm ourselves up before heading back out. We braved the cold and watched the fireworks being shot off in the distance with the rest of the city.

I hope to return to Salzburg one day. My only hope is that it will be during the summer when it’s warmer outside.



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