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The last couple of years I’ve been favoring the West Coast more than any other part of the country. Not necessarily due to the warmer climate, beaches or the fact that I once called the West Coast home, but mainly because National Parks out West had become a huge interest of mine.

It had been about sixteen years since my last trip to Boston. My mom and grandma took my sister and I during Spring break and because I was so young, my memories of Boston had mostly faded away. I remember very little of the city, and it was time for me to re-explore as an adult. I have to say, the city impressed me in more ways than one. First off, there is so much history in this city that I found to be very interesting . Second, the people are some of the nicest people I have ever met on my travels. And lastly, the food was nothing less than amazing. It was hard for me to pick one thing I really liked about Boston so I picked 7 instead.

Here are 7 things not to miss while visiting Boston:

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