By the time we arrived in Nuremberg, the Christmas Markets were over. All that remained were the closed up stalls in the middle of the square, waiting to be taken down. It would have been nice to see them in all their glory but luckily for me, there were still some places around the square selling glüwein to enjoy.

We took it pretty easy in Nuremberg, only visiting a couple of attractions and mainly walking through the city. The entire city is very walkable. Whenever I go to a new city, one of my favorite areas to explore is “the old town.” There is a certain charm that you only find in these areas that I like. In a way, you get a sense of what the town used to look like, without all the McDonald’s and Starbucks. Nuremberg has a very small “old town,” smaller than I was expecting. There are some shops and a couple of restaurants but not much else.

We toured Nuremberg Castle our last afternoon there. What I liked most about this castle was how different it was from others I’ve seen. Since I’ve spent so much time living and traveling in Spain, I’m used to the castles they have there. The views of the city from the castle are breathtaking, especially when the sun is setting.

Visiting where The Nuremberg Trials took place was high on my moms list of things to see. Most of what you see is the museum, and there is a lot to see. Without even realizing it, my mom and I spent over two hours reading about the men on trial and even listening to pieces of the trial itself. There is a lot of information to take in.

When reading about the men on trial, I was reminded by something the tour guide at Auschwitz had said to us at the end of the tour about a month prior. He reminded us that these men were just like you and I. They were educated men such as journalists and school teachers. He also said that something like this could very well happen again if we are not careful. Those words stuck with me after Auschwitz and during my time in Nuremberg. It’s horrible thinking about this part in our history but it’s another thing to think that he could be right.





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